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08:14pm 08/09/2003
mood: sad
at approximately 8:33 this evening...
tom (my fish) died...

R.I.P. TOM <3
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PAFort588: omg sock that fucking whore   
02:50pm 06/09/2003
mood: irritated
damn, fucking lame man...it was fucking lame.

who wants to come to radiohead with me?

anyways...that is all

*..·´¨` »*happy birthday julie!!*«´¨`·. .*

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10:50pm 02/09/2003
mood: bitchy
i was trying to act so happy the past 3 weeks
but now its just gay
and not me..
its been a long time since ive actually been seriously HAPPY
im over it

i feel like noone cares about me anymore..
not my parents...
not my friends...

thank you tianna sellmeyer

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07:03pm 01/09/2003
mood: irritated
fuck everyone.

on a lighter note...by the way..i found my cell phone...it was in my car.

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03:53pm 31/08/2003
mood: lazy
this was a tianna weekend...
-so friday tianna came over we went and chilled with some PALS
-she slept over
-next day we went to her house and chilled some more
-her cousin garrett came over
-we went to eat and see a movie...it was pretty lame
-came home....tianna and i wrestled...then she like shat her pants cause she thought she saw a midget run by in her backyard...
-goooood times
-watched a shadow of what we thought was a giant fat lady taking a shit on tiannas ceiling
-everyone fell asleep excepf garrett and i
-we layed there and didnt do much...
-fell asleep
-woke up in the morning
-had a pop tart
-garrett left
-watched some tv
-i then left
-now im at home
-gonna go to over to carlos house later on....if im awake..


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07:17pm 26/08/2003
mood: rejuvenated
well i went to school today...
i woke up 6 minutes before anna picked me up...thought i wasnt gonna make it!
o boy...i made a GREAT first impression
-so i had drawn all over my hand with sharpie the night before and i guess i fell asleep with my face on my hand...so i had green sharpie on my face...it said katie, had some phone numbers, and a show date...niiiice katie
-i still sorta have a fat lip from the other night
-bruise on my forehead from the shoe
-i had fallen the day before....so my hand is all cut up....that car just came outta nowhere i tell u!
-i fell asleep in my history class...twice..
-and well yea...great first day!
looking forward to tomorrow!!...NOT!


tears of an emo: would u be able to visit school even though you got kicked out?
Bms88653: dude it snot liek i got kicke dout 4 terrorizing school or anything...so it snot lik im a threat
tears of an emo: ohh right...that would be katie then
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BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
12:13am 24/08/2003
mood: mischievous
anna and i lit some more stuff on fire when we woke up this morning...then anna left...and i went with jill and my sister to the knitting factory....got there at around 5 ish...i THOUGHT that it was just gonna be blue collar special and a few other bands playing...HOLY SHIT!...ok so turns out it was a tribute to joe strummer....and well...
these are a FEW of the bands that ended up playing...
-the hunns
-angel city outcasts
-voodoo glow skulls
-youth brigade!!!
-flogging molly!!!
and aboubt 15 other bands

-i danced so hard
-got punched in the lip...it was bleeding...but it was ok
-a nice NEW hard SHOE was thrown at my head (not on purpose)
-jumpped on stage to sing with SHAWN STERN!!! (from youth brigade)
-my sister and jill left somewhere around this time
-smoked out with NATHEN MAXWELL!!!!!!!! i am going to MARRY him!!!
-went backstage to hang out with shawn and mark stern, and dave king (from flogging molly)
-after all the shows were over with rafe, joey, meghan, ben, and myself went driving around in....SHANIQUA (the bands van)...you gotta watch out for her cause SHES A BIG BLACK GIRL! (a big black van) hahahahah O MAN funniest car ride ever!

well...just so happend that i was given a 21 and over wrist band....haha that was....niiiice

i was sad to leave
but i am a bit whooped



ps. im in a GREAT mood if you cant tell ;)
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11:02pm 22/08/2003
mood: amused
-today i woke up and went to van nuys to take my ID picture...that was a load of fun.
-anna came over and we then skate boarded over to vidoe hut to get ZOOLANDER!!
-we took the back way home...well well then that was an adventure...i by accidently had a misshap with the ol skateboard...hit a couple cars that were stopped at a light...i yi yi.
-got home and heard some bad news about my sister...one of her really close friends committed suicide...he hung himself...sad story about why...if u wanna know ask me yourself.
-went by annas house to get her piercing gun so we could pierce some more holes in my ear. anna succeeded.
-watched zoolander and passed out. then woke up...and was REJUVINATED!
-we gathered materials for a pyro explosion party! holy shit man....soooo cooooool! we almost set my backyard on fire. haha
-now were here and lit more things on fire in my room...about to try a battery

fire is great when your wearing boots!


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02:56pm 21/08/2003
mood: rushed
well 5 days until school starts.
im not sure what to expect.

all my friends from ND keep on talking about their new schedules, and i think the fact that im not going back to that school is finally hitting me. hmmmm....odd. i say im not sad and im happy to leave...and that is the case, but at the same time i know ill miss those few people that i actually did like there. i have a feeling that we wont be as good of friends....
well my day has been interesting.
-sat in my room and ate pizza with johnny
-went outside with sean and johnny and watched my dad make a guitar. wow that was so cool.
-might go to audreys a litle bit later

sorry tianna about today

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12:05am 19/08/2003
mood: discontent
my poor little puppy rosita...im still verrrrry sad about her... :(
well as of today...i quit guitar. i just dont like playing anymore...it doesnt bring me the joy it used to. i think its cause my dad just wanted me to play sooo bad...cause my sister is musicly challanged so he thought i could do it...so i did it...from the time i was 3 until now...dont get me wrong..i love music, its like my life. but playing guitar just isnt my thing anymore...every so often i still play piano...but not so much.
a week until school starts...and i still have a list of people i
need to see!
i cant describe my mood right now...im feeling very weird. everything just seems like sorta out of place and just not right.
i finally found my soccer pictures FROM NOTRE DAME...geeeeze how long has that been?

well this entry has gotten WAAAAAAY too long...and im sure NOONE will read it...so if your reading this right now...thanks for listening paaaal!

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Volcom256:i had a really good sex last nightVolcom256: lots of posistions   
11:11pm 16/08/2003
  ok well yea...
.˙.went to the knitting factory with tianna, kelsey, and annabel on thursday...that was fun
.˙.then went to the cobalt on friday...i would have to say it was pretty damn lame...the bands sucked

.˙.well...school starts in 9 days and i am sooo not ready for that...sooo to everyone i havent seen this summer...CALLLL ME!!

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SeMiSwEeTdECaY: i can beat ur white ass anyday of the week, because im black   
11:21am 13/08/2003
mood: excited
i bleached my hair last night
then dyed it blue
rinsed it out...
and now its green
ary woke me up today at 12:00...i was angered...

go to the knitting factory tomorrow (thursday august 14th)

http://www.destroyallmusic.com <--GO THERE!

appearing at RUMORS 8:00pm

that is all

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my roooooooom!   
03:23pm 12/08/2003
  when i get bored i paint my walls...why?...because i am cool.

that is all.
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SeMiSwEeTdEcAy: fuck the europeans?   
10:06pm 11/08/2003
mood: chipper
you know....only 2 weeks until van nuys starts...and im still not enrolled yet...wow...my mother is a GENIOUS i tell you!! shes still not over the fact that i got kicked outta notre dame...o well...her fault for putting me in that dumb school...now i can be with my poor people!

tianna came over today...
its been years...she hasnt been allowed to come over cause her mother thinks im a bad influence on her...haha...what gave her that idea?

well this past weekend i went on a little vacation with audrey, my sister, johnny, and my o so cool mother.
it was alot of fun
we went to a castle...
now i want a castle...
i need to be rich...

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08:48am 11/08/2003
mood: bouncy
welll it allll started out when tianna came over...

since she is so cool and got a digital camera and BANGS...we took some pictures

then we decided to go on a little skateboard and scooter ride so we could meet up with ary

since im so cool i decided to give tianna a couple of blue streaks with sharpie...lets pray her mom doesnt notice...

then i had some fun on the guitar and tianna talked to her newest love online..<3

we chilled for the rest of the day, had some foooood, and then tianna left :(

i am cool. so is tianna.
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11:27pm 06/08/2003
mood: sick
SeMiSwEeTdECaY: im telling everyone u have had an affair with you...(whisper)...FATHER
sCavinger type: well im telling everyone that u lick your mothers pussy
SeMiSwEeTdECaY: oh my god you are sick
SeMiSwEeTdECaY: wellll...then i will tell everyone that you....suck
sCavinger type: ok fine....im gonna tell everyone that u like to have hot and wild lesbian sex with....your SISTER!!!
SeMiSwEeTdECaY: well then i will tell everyone that you suck your daddys testicle while fingering his asshole
sCavinger type: ok fine bitch....im gonna tell everyone...that...well...that....
SeMiSwEeTdECaY: ok im done..you are so sick katie
SeMiSwEeTdECaY: im gagging

wtf is that....o boy...well not much happened today....

-played guitar
-watched movies
-coughed aloooot (u know rodji)

that is all

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02:04am 06/08/2003
mood: sleepy
must sleep...NEED sleep...what am i talking about?? i never sleep...

-im getting a cold...i keep caughing...my throat hurts..
-im mad at some people
-realized some things last night...
-audrey and i are going outta town this weekend..i dono where were going though...i forgot to ask.
-TRIED to clean my room today...i dont think it will ever happen though...
-no more late night street parties with ary and brandon... :(
-my mom still hates me...
-cant stop painting...
-my knee realllly hurts...i was running and my knee just sorta...turned off...? yea so i scraped my knee...it looks like..well i dono it kinda resembles a fish...im gonna name it TOM...wait i already have a fish named tom!!

caroline and i are goin to a reggae thing at the hollywood bowl next week...gonna be awesome!! if anybody wants to go IM me about it...


hakunna matata

ps...it means no worries...for the rest of your day...! ;)
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Energizer19Bunny: like i was watering plants and hes like staring at me and im like the fuck u want   
11:28pm 04/08/2003
mood: awake
well tonite was awesome...
-i went to the jack johnson concert at the hollywood bowl with brandon thanks to the o so wonderful ANDREW!!! it was soooooo good...then ben harper came on...ehh...he kinda sucked
-brandon and i left and went to in n out...yum yum.
-came home, and am now about to go meet ary and brandon outside for our usual routine...party on tobias ave.!!!

the last couple of party nights...well..consisted of...
-crawling through my jungle
-being fondiled
-being pantsed
-falling...for no reason...hey..my knee just turns off somethimes..what can i say!?
-throwing watermelons
-spray painting
our guests were matthew and rodjianalina
peace out holmes

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fucking lame feeling..   
05:56pm 02/08/2003
mood: frustrated
i wish i hadnt done what i did a long time ago...i hate regreting things i never thought i'd be the one who took the fall...im an asshole. assholes like to test the limit...and thats just what i did i pushed it so far that once it was gone...i just craved it even more. i hate feeling like this...faded memories...thats all that this will ever be.

friday night was just kind of a blah sorta night. it was just gay...i didnt want to be where i was...and i didnt wanna be with the people i was with...

audrey and i painted my room today...lime green wall...well half of it atleast...we didnt wanna move the furniture...so..well..we painted around it! haha o boy..it looks awesome...then we took some stencils and i spray painted in black. o boy...

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09:39am 01/08/2003
mood: sad
-my dog rosita who ive had since i was a little girl...since i was 4...has cancer all throughout her body...

-im sad

-everything else is going wrong

*thank u to brandon and ary for making a super illegal trip down to my house last night at 1:00!!*

that is all

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